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Done with Face-off


I have tried and tried with this game mode,  but I just cant stand it. 


At the start I coughed it up to no one knowing what it was exactly about,  so there was camping.  Ok for the start of a new game.  Waited a couple weeks and tried again since I figured the new was worn off and people were actually going to be playing it like the fast paced game it was supposed to be.  Damn was I wrong.  More noobs and rookie **** going on than before.  Camping in corners with blind eye, assassian, heartbeat sensor, and motion sensors.  Oh and lets not forget all the backing out that goes on.  I didnt overly try on this game mode,  by this point prob 40-50 potential matches.


So heres to just about an hour ago.  Two of my clan members get on to do some 3v3,  figured what the hell.   First match we come into was the one with the pool.  Well what we see is 3 guys huddled up with each other,  basically backs to each other,  three motion sensors out,  all three were using type 95 with heartbeat sensors.   If we killed them,  they would huddle back up and do the same thing. 


Got done,  backed out to try a different lobby to see if we could get some people that actually (IMO) play correctly. Different lobby,  different guns,  same damn stategy.  Let me sit in a corner with motion sensors,  and heartbeat sensors. 


Thats it for me on that game mode.  To me it was a waste of space on my hard drive.  I would rather have just one extra map,  one gun,  one update,  one cookie,  one anything other than this camp fest they consider fast paced. 


Just a rant guys,  take it as you will.

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    This is why tubes, duel fmg's etc are in the game. Corner camping. It's the only way to counter the tactic (if you can call it one but it's not illegal). At least the three players weren't huddled around a trophy system!

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      True.  Its all good,  im not going to miss it.  Ill just go back to the other game types and let my K/D keep dropping since it seems like most people are only on here for a MOAB and not play objectives.

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    If you come across a situation like that you should all put on a class with recon, quickdraw and concussions, that way they will be on the radar all the time.

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    I have played much face off this last month. I dont see this because i never give the other team a chance to do it. My team spreads out and we cover all corners of the map. But there is 1 major issue with faceoff, The ******* spawns! Kill someone and they will sapwn directly behind you or next to you! Then god forbid if you get a streak going and they spawn behind you again, Then you have to deal with final stand or dead mans hand. I will stick to regular game modes.

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    I really enjoyed it at first, now it is an exploiter's paradise. It was fun for a bit, but now its all but unplayable. Shame, really. I wish they had made it a barebones playlist. Just guns, pistol secondaries, no equipment. As it is, its just silliness. Occasionally you can get a good, competetive match, but its primarily corner camping, radar using, FMG dual-wielding sissies. Oh well.

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    Favce off was not necessarily meant to be a fast paced game. In fact it would be the opposite, smaller teams even on smaller maps do not make for faster games. Face Off is more of a tactical game mode than any thing else. Where tactics and strategy win out over those that want to rush around all the time and think the game mode will be fast paced.

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    the gametype is good and so are the maps.

    sadly the community isnt that great :/


    radar always on would fix this

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    My friend and I did something so fun in 2v2 face off. I was using a shotgun with range or damage and he was quickscoping/sniping people. We ended up making 7-8 teams of people rage quit and then we got bored. Thats how you play this game type.

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    1v1's are always campy as hell.  But after much experience gained, I know where they hide, and that gives me an edge.  Also, most people don't realize that Sitrep allows me to hear dead silence users lol.


    Now in regards for 2v2 and 3v3, not as campy, but you get those camping kiddies once in a while.


    Big tip--equip the Recon Perk, and have A LOT of methods of tagging i.e. Stun, Flash, Grenade Launchers, etc.