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Which Tier 1 perk?

Here is my class:


MP7 w/ silencer rapid fire



Portable Radar


Hardline Pro


Assault: 3, 6, 7


Which should I use?  I normally play domination.


Blind eye:  I don't find too much use, I usually shoot down air support before it kills me

SoH:  I reload cancel, and I always get to cover before reloading, also switching to a launcher quickly has little benefits.

Scavenger:  I usually don't go on long streaks, but when I do I find this useful

Ex. Con:  I usually play defensively between the home flag/ enemy flag and B, I don't sprint unless I am trying to defend a flag.

Recon:  I love this perk with flashbangs/ concussions, but other than that, the pro effect doesn't appeal to me too much, since if I land a bullet I usually kill (but I have horrible aim LOL).


So which should I use?  Also, do you have any other tips for my class?  THANKS!!!

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    Scavanger, hands down.

    Slight of hand is really useful if you go from place to place but if you're a careful player you don't have to use it.

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    Scavenger or Sleight of Hand, experiment with those two.

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    Thx for replying guys.  I personnally like scavenger better than SOH, but I will give both a second chance.  But I want to see what others think too.

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    Definitely Scavenger if you're using the assault strike package. Personally, I alternate that setup with Blind Eye and Specialist.

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      jup scav, only trust your own gun.

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      Thanks.  I have a different specialist and support class. 

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        No No No, your ALL wrong!


        If you play domination as you say you do, you NEED extreme pro, unless youre a killwhore and not objective.


        MW3 on the wii domination, especially when not in parties goes a little like this:


        Start game cap C, enemy get A. You then either run to B and get B or die trying, or flank and cap A. Why your doing this, enemy flank you and get C, and that continues for 10mins. Scavenger is a waste of space in domination coz your gona die pretty soon anyway, unless as I said above, you killwhore. Just have a secondary with extended mags, MP9 ideal for this. You can even put extended mags on your primary if you A) dont choose range, choose 2 attachements, or B) Dont need Rapid Fire due to bad lag (like me). Then you have plenty ammo.


        If you protect a flag, and kinda killwhore a little, especially on small maps like dome/hardhat, and you DONT have blast shield in perk 2, your gona get semtexed/or stealth bombed anyways. And theres guns lying all over the map, pick 1 up. You can pick extra sprint up can you?? The difference between having 2 guys trying to cap an enemy flag, and just 1 guy doing it, can decipher if you`ll win or lose many many games , its a very fine line.


        Id even take SOH over scav, coz in this game especially, you run into 2-3 guys at a time, again though extended mags can be your friend, unless 1 of them has akgimpbo`s.


        To put a top hat on it, it depends on your playstyle.


        If I run specialist (when im levelling up) I go



        Gun: Any of P90/PP90/UMP/MP7

        Proficiences/ Range + Rapid Fire (PP90 extended mags + range)

        Secondary: MP9 + extended mags

        Perks 1)Extreme Pro, 2)Blast Shield Pro 3)Steady Aim Pro

        Lethal: C4

        Tactical: Smoke Grenade, possibly flashbang sometimes

        Strike pack: Specialist: soh/scav/sitrep

        or support

        ADV uav/stealth/emp

        That class enables you to cap like a bawwwws, and get around pretty quickly and protected against almost everything



        Gun: Scar/ACR/FAD

        Proficiences/kick + silencer

        Secondary: MP9 + extended mags

        Perks 1)SOH pro 2)Assassin pro 3) Marksman Pro

        Lethal: C4

        Tactical: Portable radar

        Strike pack Specialist scav/dead silence/sitrep


        Assault cobra/strafe/pavelow

        This enables you to stay out the firing line, watch your back, and pick off stray wanderers. If you get too close for comfort whip out you mp9

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    Scavenger Pro

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    If you're using mp7,then dont use rapid fire cuz it only increases the fire rate by 11%

    Use Ex.mags/silencer


    1 perk : Scavanger

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      Same with PP90, extended mags over rapid fire everytime. The P90 however, only becomes beastly when hip fired with RF.


      The thing is, theres that many diff combinations and setups, that you really have to do your own. Scavanger to me , in the main isnt that much use, wheras someone like Fissure, or Silent with his shotguns, you NEED scavenger.


      Depends how YOU want to play personaly. I keep level in games with people like fissure by simply getting lots of caps, he gets the kills to keep up with my caps. I probably could get more kills if I didnt cap, but im very objective. He could deffo get more caps but then he wouldnt get as many kills. I guess that why we never lost when we play together

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    If you're using mp7,then dont use rapid fire cuz it only increases the fire rate by 11%

    Use Ex.mags/silencer


    1 perk : Scavanger

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    Scav. Pro. But, keep a class with blind eye so you can switch up, shoot down aircraft so you don't have to duck and cover. I only use Extreme conditioning when I am running around like a madman on short maps or playing defender.

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    Recon is best for SnD

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    This is my list of the Tier 1 perks and when to use them.

    Recon: anti-camper, team oriented

    Extreme Conditioning: beating a hasty retreat, quick flanking

    Sleight of Hand: confronting groups of enemies, suppressing fire

    Scavenger: suppressing fire, long killstreaks with your favorite gun

    Blind Eye: shooting down Pave Lows, bypassing Sentry Guns

    Each perk has a use ;)

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    I always use SoH....maybe because i'm a reloading maniac.