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Possible to improve my K/D ?


I'm currently sitting at 7294 kills and 11343 deaths. My KDR is 0.643. Now after I do well (going positive) in a couple games it goes up very slightly (lik .001). Am I deadlocked into a negative KDR? Or will I be able to improve it if continue to improve my gameplay?

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    Your K/D will improve as you do..It'll take some time though.

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    just go positive and I mean over a 1.0 and eventually it will get up there.  May take a while.

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    Yes it is, but it will take time. When the game first came out I was around .85 or more importantly 2500 kills negative from 1.00 that was the begining of January. At this time I am 1.12 or 6800 kills on the positive side. I was going up .01 or .02 a day sometimes more. I tried to take it in .5 increments.


    Some may suggest assassin and blind eye along with your favorite gun but I did it using hardline and low level assault streaks predator/precision airstrike and attack helicopter. Easy to stack and get multiple times in a match. I prefered using slieght of hand and marksman as my other 2 perks as they helped me win more gun fights, but always have a stealth class with a stinger on standbye if you notice the opposing team spamming portable radar/uav or airborne kill streaks. My stealth class is blind eye assassin dead silence with stinger secondary and you would be amazed how easy it is to flank and sneak up on people.


    As far as gameplay goes everyone has thier own style I love to rush and am an objective whore which is one reason my kdr has always been a bit on the low side. Once I learned to slow down just a hair to check corners and learn popular traffic patterns I began to improve drastically. If you like to camp dont stay in the same spot learn different areas of cover that give you line of sight advantages and defend an area without staying in the same spot.