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From Birth to Present

Okay this is actually an interesting thread here, forum vets, get your paragraphs ready.


W@W Era:

Not in the community

Didnt buy the game


MWR Era:

Lurking in the community forums (No identity)

First CoD Wii title


I enjoyed this game alot because I didnt care about my ratio or anything! I looked up the website forum to see if they hotfixed lag shooting


BO Era:

Lurking in the community forums (No identity)

Patchable CoD


I love this game, I also remembered everyone thought DLC would come out and people spammed threads about it. Also when people asked questions they get replies as "Lrn2srchNub". I also checked out the forum every month to see if a patch was made.


MW3 Era:

I made an identity (SniperRed)

Hacked CoD


This game could be better... Cannot really describe this section well.

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    Nice tag... and who umm told you? Was it Padiego? He's such a loud mouth when he's happy

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    W@W: I played all the time, didn't know forums existed

    MWR: Didn't play too much because it took forever to level up, didn't know forums existed

    Black Ops: I played all the time, didn't know forums existed

    MW3: I still play this game (shocker i know), I found these forums looking for MW3 patch info on google. I consider myself experienced, but not a forum vet. More like Private first class

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      W@W: Only played twice. Totally clueless.

      MWR: Played often. Still totally clueless.

      BO: Played ALL THE TIME. Still totally clueless.

      MW3: Play quite a bit. Found the forums looking for ally codes on launch night. Joined forums about a month ago. Total forum noob.

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    W@W Era:

    Not in the community

    Didnt buy the game


    MWR Era:

    Not in the community

    Second CoD Wii title


    Game was cool. But the lag shooting...


    BO Era:

    Lurking in the community forums (LuRcHED)

    Started forming an ally community.

    Zombies was cool.

    So was Combat Training.



    MW3 Era:

    In the community (LuRcHED)

    Joined a clan(s)

    Hacked/modded CoD

    Spec Ops a good change.

    Enjoyed the perk progression/strike packages


    Lots of opportunity/potential to fix this game.


    Carry on...

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    Hmm mwr : Good game not lag shooting patch, disapointed

    W@W: Loved it need more playlist though such a shame ,

    BO ERa: Awesome game loved it as far as missing zombie maps or no DLC hacking started here so evil began.

    Mw3: Major hacking no DLC SO far acctually payed attention to forums, Was a big game changer but too many probelms broke my game and bought a new one awhile after people said hacking was fixed and major patchs tried it and still nothing , Now im waiting for wii u and bo2.

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    W@W - Just nothing


    MWR - My friend gave me this game and I still believe it is the best. In the start menu I saw the forums website and was going to write it down and go there bu8t never got to it. Wasn't the best and because it was my first lagshooting didn't come to my mind.


    BO - First game I played I r@ped, all the skills I built up shone really bright this game. FAMAS made me angry at the thought. I was becoming less noobier.


    MW3 - Searching if it would have split screen I found these forums. These people in the forums have educated me into all the RAM ect. Thanks to them. I kept that website in my bookmarks and 2 days after Christmas I made an account. First of all I was just slowly becoming known here until now. Rev or Revisback (I thought that was his whole name ) taught me the most and I respected him most but he left .


    Please come back.

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    W@W era:

    MOHH2. They did CTF right, customizable matches, ability to kick players on ally and opposing teams (for cheaters), STG44. 'nuff sayed.
    Notable mentions: Invincibility glitch made me a legit player for life. Lousy good for nothing scumbag yellabellied two timin pennypinchin no good sonuva fleabagged low life squeakers!


    Reflex era:

    Even with Lag shooting this is the best FPS on the wii hands down. I totally forgot I owned MOHH2
    Notable mentions: Joined the forums, became pro player


    MW2 era:

    notable mentions: Reflex 'nuff sayed




    BO era:

    Wii breaks, I can only assume that the Olympia went on to become everyone's weapon of choice because that's how beast it is. And everything was all rainbows and unicorns as the Famas and AUG were erased from the game
    Notable mentions: Checked out the forums total DLC nub threads, didn't even bother. It's a shame cos you guys make it sound like it was fun.


    Modern Warfail 3 era:

    Bought a used wii for cheap, condemned BO to video game purgatory. Had no allies so joined GB clan, still not enough allies so I migrated here where was gonna add more people but y'know hopping and this game is crap... Instead I now troll forum noobs instead of aiding in actual and stimulating conversations that would make noobs better.
    Notable mentions: I probably spent more time  on the forums than the actual game

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    I rented the game because I was hesitant to see if it was the same as the ps3 version(i loved W@W on PS3, sadly, the PS3 comitted suicide after 2 weeks). Obviously, I was wrong. W@W on wii sucked for me. I was still a sony fanboy at heart(i still kind of am). I wasn't convinced, but then Reflex came out....

    I wasn't on the forums AT ALL


    I got the game for wii because it was hacked to hell on PS3(and i didnt feel like buying another ps3..). It was quite an experience. Since the game itself was quite outdated, mostly everything except voice chat made it into the wii version. It was a good experience because I played the game with friends over group calls (i didnt know what the hell skype was back then...or if it even existed.). I'm guessing the fun I had with friends blinded me to see how truly horrible the game was. I still go back to reflex every now and then for old time's sake. I'm always host, so I never had a problem with lagshooting, however, those martydom f*gs made a camper out of me. I sit outside maps in glitches, picking people off with a sniper rifle. I know, its cheating, but hey its reflex, the game's already garbage, so nobody cares if more trash is added into the equation....


    I lurked around the Ai and friends forum. It seemed everyone who was not in Ai wasn't invited to the party.


    The game was pure awesomeness. Even with the problems it had at start(black screen, hacker not working, etc..), it was still a great game. For the first time ever, the wii version was actually BETTER than the HD versions(we had GREAT hit detection while HD versions had some sort of lagshooting, and we didn't have those annoying gunships and chopper gunners). It was a great game. Famas annoyed me, but nowhere near nuclear meltdown. Same with ghost. I really hated second chance blopshots...it was the worst thing ever...the fact that I laughed my as* off everytime i saw them lunge at me while sitting on their as* kind of balanced the rage.


    I made an account and made my first post telling some DLC/missing killstreaks noob that it is not happening. You could say I was a troll since day one, but Ai Sniper and kweagle have tag teamed me in multiple occasions. I learned from the best.



    Worst game ever. Nothing much to say about it....

    Its not the game itself as the community....All of a sudden, a wave of noobs invaded the forums AND the wii CoD community. It became unbearable. The problems with the game are horrible map designs, crappy spawns, over-generous deathstreaks and over-compensating lag compensation. The problem with the community is the overusage of FMG9s, type95, PP90M1, P90 rapid fire, hacking ,camping, quickscoping, breathing and eating.


    In the forums, I realized that I couldn't just limit myself to a small and worn troll army(that I made during the BO forums). So I took on a few unlikely allies, even the former DLC noob silentshot....

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      I thought silentshot was like a super vet since he has the most points, I guess it's like prestige in CoD. Well in my eyes your the guy with the most experience, including the DMC guys and some of Ai. I'm still learning lol, but MW3 isn't complete garbage...

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        Silentshot got the most spam It was ghost who held that title before....and before him, well me. Its spam-arefic.


        I think MW3 is boring and trash because I been playing CoD for a while now. It gets repetitive and MW3 is my fourth CoD title. I learned everything I needed to learn, and I guess I am now ready to move on.

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          And the fun thing, i have a blops account with around 3k posts to

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          Well I've played CoD since W@W, I thought MWR was just a cheap copy of the game just in modern times. It was the exact same, then Black Ops came out. Black Ops is the best CoD game for Wii. Period. Then MW3 came out and I thought it would be even better than Black Ops, but I was wrong. This game is garbage, but I still come back to it. I think I have MOAB fever. I always want to get a MOAB. I'm just hoping Black Ops 2 won't be garbage like MW3, and it's not like I have an option. I don't have any other console to play CoD anyway. I like CoD, I just don't like Wii.

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            I'm hoping BO2 will be different, because I am a CoD fanboy at heart.


            I learned everything I need to know about CoD, and hopefully BO2 will try some new stuff so that I can go back to being a student.

            Read my thread for more info...

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    Wow red, great thread :D


    W@W era: saw the game advertised for the Wii a couple times, thought nothing of it


    MWR era: played MW2 on my cousin's Xbox during Thanksgiving, wanted it for my Wii for Christmas (clueless). Parents got me reflex instead. It was my first fps ever so I thought nothing of it. Started getting into the game more and more over time and eventually decided to make a clan. Advertised it over YouTube, didn't go so well so I end up joining some other guys clan. Learned about gamebattles from him. Clan wasn't doing so well so we end up merging with a high level gb clan. I got caught up in all the clan drama stuff, unfortunately, but ended up becoming friends with one of the leaders, RobbyX. When the clan started to dissentigrate, Robby and I hopped over to united elitze and stayed there for a while, increasing my skills and getting involved in all the leet endeavours. Got fed up with the clan, went innactive for a while right about the same time blood came out.


    I had no idea the forums existed


    Black Ops era: found the forums in anticipation for release. Ended up just stalking around simce i was not 17 yet. got the game, thought it was great because it was so much more advanced than reflex. Went back to united elitze for a while and started getting really serious about the game. Ended up leaving elitze because I realized all the hacking and I didn't want all the squeaker drama anymore. Officially joined the forums in February...



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      My phone trolololed me :(


      I was about halfway done with part two when it erased everything.


      Oh well, someone on Skype remind me to finish this later tonight.

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      PART 2


      I like vampy wolfy's method so I'll go with that since I'm lazy


      started to get ultra competitive.... had fits of rage. playing always put me in a worse mood

      went to college, no wii first semester


      MW3 era:


      got game after thanksgiving, started playing over christmas game

      lots of fun, no raging like in blops

      complaining about op weapons, got over it when I realized weapon balance was actually really good

      still having lots of fun on game despite hackers, vows to never go back to blops after playing one night and makes blops rage thread.


      WII BROKE D:


      home for summer

      playing on my mom's wii, going sniper only

      going for all sniper titles and emblems



      yeah, and that's where I'm at right now

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    W@W: never played it


    MWR: this was the best era because it had the best weapon balance and no one really cared about stats, it was all about the fun. Played with some guys from a Wii gaming forum and I never had as much fun with a Cod game as I did back then, it was amazing.


    BO: life hit me in the face and I became inactive on said Wii forum. Found out that this place existed through that Wii forum and became a lurker on this forum. Ended up making an account near the end of the BO era. I was a lurker and I didn't have any allies, so I went solo. Joined a random, but decent clan. We didn't party up much though, so most of the time I was still a lone wolf. So I decided that I would leave the clan when MW3 came out.


    MW3: I didn't add any of my clan members in MW3 and I removed my clan tag so I pretty much disappeared out of the clan without anyone noticing. I was (and still am) going solo Pretty fun game until the hackers took over. Went on a school trip in May for about a week and since then I never felt like playing this game again. I'm Cod-free for exactly a month now

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    MW3, first cod game i got, best game i have. which is probably very sad. oh well. 0747-0695-8808, its also sad I remember my ally code too by heart.

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    W@W: Omg friend stfu about playing this game! Fine I'll play it, hay this is actually pretty fun..

    Here lemmie just camp in this corner and wait for my kills to come >:3

    Lulz Mardydumb ftw! Second chance ftw! Eww MP40 >:c

    Team survival wheeeee





    MWR - Hay the message of the day has a website "Makes account on forums"

    Friend tells me M60 is like DP28? Lulz kay *uses*

    Hell yea I love raping in this game >:D

    Wtf is this alien gun!? (p90) Sooo cheep!


    Pfft Mardydumb *toss back*

    Wut? Hackers? WTF!?

    Ninja Defuse trololol

    10th stidge all gold guns FTW!

    Why is everyone using my name suddenly!?

    *plays SnD till my eyes are red*


    BO - This game is awesome

    I can't find the BO forums :c

    Find Bo forums, everyones a ****.

    Zombies is awesome!

    ****** in zombies*


    Tomahawked trololol!

    *plays SnD my brains out again*

    Why does everyone use Famas?

    Why does everyone use AUG?

    Ak-74U Rapid fire!? How many times am I going to see this!?

    Aimbot with Famas!?




    *ragequits BO*


    MW3 - Omg this game feels like CoD4 again c:

    *googles for hours for wii community determined* >:L

    FOUND IT! Hai guyz remember meh?

    This game is so fun lulz

    *equipts FMG9's akimbo, shows friend* Hay, I think these guns are really cheep and may be the new cheep guns of CoD..

    Gun XP? Guess I'll stop playing SnD :c

    *snipes every match till 10th stidge*




    Wtf? Pred missile!?


    Need to join a clan, sick of playing alone.


    And I guess here I am now :S

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    Waw Era: Nope, heard it was fun though

    Mwr Era: Oh some good times, we would make up gamemodes in an xat chat and put it into action, not as much hackers even though the ones who did flew across the map in 3 seconds

    Blops Era: Introduction of mics, more cons than pros, (People on wii are immature)  Had a lot of fun playing pubs, since it was a huge improvement from mwr

    Mw3 Era: "Oh look a new cod, guess I'll get it" By then, the hackers that peaked towards the end of black ops migrated to mw3 and game went downhill fast, cool thing is I met new friends i guess