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[)xk(] clan, now recruiting

XK Clan is recruiting! Xtreme Killers is looking to expand, and are currenty accepting applications. Must have 1.0+ KD ratio, mic, good communication skills, and be a team player. ELITE PREMIUM IS REQUIRED, no exceptions (if you want in, and tell us you are getting premium, we will wait until you get it to add you). If your application is chosen, you will be required to play with the clan, so that we can make sure you are xk material. 3-4 man squads are used to maximized score during clan challenges, no boosting will be tolerated. Currently accepting XBOX 360 users only.... PS3 coming soon...


Follow the link below to apply:




Clan Details :


Clan level is 24 as of 6-12-12

13 members (small clan because we only accept certain applicants)

Participate in ALL clan challenges

31 Challenges Completed (12 Gold, 14 Silver, 5 Bronze)
Mutli-Squad (No 6 man teams, we play in groups of 3-4 during challenges to maximize score, squads only during challenges)

ELITE STATS: 21,750 Clan XP, 3500+ Total Hours Played, 1.31 Clan Avg. K/D, 182.83 SPM


Current Roster


an irish knight (clan leader)


Da Linkz

Ego Impactz




kaos krusaders


Ops xMonsterx

Toxic sp3mm

vampiress miku



currently in the process of trying out approximately 5 new members...