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FGC -TRY_HARDZ- clan recruiting




      Forbidden Gaming Community (FGC -TRY_HARDZ-) is recruiting Elite Premium members. don't care about K/D  we are only LVL 7 but are working our way up this is a greatly laid back clan just want to have fun and meet new people there are some rules however


Code of Conduct:




2. Must be active


3. Must have a mic


4. Must participate in Clan Operations


5. This game is rated mature so act like it


6. No glitching during Clan Operations


7. Be friendly


8. When appropriate disregard Rule 7


if you are interested go to our clan page type in -_FGC_-  or you can just message me on PSN @ Kib_420 or check out our website http://forbiddengamming.com or facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/313275678754492/