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Your running around with a secondary?


When someone says this to someone, who does it make look bad? The person who says it because their getting killed by someone running with a secondary?

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    Im curious to know what people say because im usually the one running around with my MP9-Silenced lol

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    I've just discovered the MP9, god knows why it took me so long because it's a great secondary.  I haven't gone as far as using it as my main weapon although I can see on some maps you could but you would be at a disadvantage a lot of the time compared to most other options.

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    The person who says "Really? You're running round with a secondary?" Because they died lol.


    In seriousness though, I run around with secondaries quite early in the game, particularly the FMG9 and MP9 - not to be a little noob whore, but it's a fast easy way of ranking up. You need what, 100 or so kills to get your gun rank to level 10 which gives you 10000xp for hitting max weapon level, plus the red dot sight, akimbo and silence challenges also adding 1000xp per challenge won,


    run specialist from level 20 so on your second fourth and sixth kills you get an extra 200xp per kill for achieving the point streak, etc etc you guys know all this already


    What I will suggest though, is as soon as you unlock steady aim, make it your 2 point streak rather than an actual perk in your class - you get a tiny bit more xp that way, then, when you unlock hardline, make that your 2 point streak, with steady aim as your 4 point streak and scavenger as your 6 point streak, and so on... very handy and you rank up so many challenges on your way you'll be levelling up in no time

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    you know what i dont understand about their mentality?


    on one hand, if you tube them or use explosives they say to use a real gun with bullets. but if you start using a secondary, they still get mad and tell you to use your primary weapon.


    what kind of mentality is that? you just said to use a gun that has bullets but got mad when i did? you want me to use a different sort of weapon just because it is a "primary"? oh and dont forget, they will get mad if you choose an "overpowered" weapon as the primary with bullets.


    this is how desparate people are in this community to make excuses for why they died.

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    Most likely capitalising on Lag Comp. I mean an MP9 beating a UMP rapid-fire in a face-to-face is a no-no. But this game is so broken so who cares.

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      Not necessarily.  I have a ridiculously good connection, 35 up and down (love FIOS!), and i've used the MP9 since the first week.  Since i'm usually host I should get the short end of lag comp, but i've still managed 10k kills with that little fella.  In fact, during HC Kill Confirmed I still run around with a red dot on that thing landing cross map headshots.


      Honestly, the reason it's such a great weapon is because of the lack of sway (they dont incorporate it into secondary weapons) coupled with a deceptively effective damage rating.  I've said from the beginning it needs rebalanced, but I still love it.


      Plus, I also love the MK-14, so as soon as i'm within mid or short range of someone, the MP9 is my only option really.

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    I started out with the MP9 until I got 2500 kills with it. Now I use mostly the RPG (used token on it) but when I unock the G18 i use it with ext mags, sometimes a silencer. The G18 is one of my favorite weapons in the game.

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    well if ur running around with akimbo MPs your a *****. Anything else is w.e who cares

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    i like to run with my mp9 with extended mags and i use it like a primary on a lot of maps.  using the mp9 is like having overkill all the time.  it is as good or better than quite a few of the primaries. my wife is a big fan of the mp9 akimbos but i like running with just one because it seems like i do better that way.  it allows me to use the USAS on maps with CQB and switch to the mp9 when i have to hit medium range shots.


    i see nothing wrong with akimbos, though i am not a fan.  i love to blow their users back with my shotty.

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    For me I usally reply back with a "well you didn't expect me to use my shotgun on somebody more than 100ft away now do you?" then they put me on mute 8/10 of the time.