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Ev/L Clan Recruiting (PS3) - Europe


Hi, we are looking to add a few new players to our clan, preferably those with some experience of playing CoD.

Also looking for players over 16 and that are team players. Not too fussed about K/D's (preferably above 1.00) as long as you can play well in a team. Most interested in British/European players (makes for a better connection)


We play Hardcore mode the majority of the time Dom, S&D and KC but we play the core Ops too so if you are interested in joining just to play with us during the ops that is fine.



If you're interested leave your stats below for previous CoD titles if you have played (Which CoD, K/D, W/L, Rank + Prestige, hours played) Age and Location.


Mic Required!


Win loss ratio is on average over 2.00 (including games played solo etc)


Clan Rank is 19 currently


Add Szwec17 and play for a few games then see if you're interested in playing with us and vice versa


Being a premium member is essential, sorry, is so you can contribute to the Clan Ops


Any questions leave a comment, cheers