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Console Army - Now Recruiting (PS3 & xBox)

PlayStation Army was created in July 2009 in order to provide an environment in which Playstation users can gather together and share their ideas on teamwork, tactics and structure. Our rules and regulations were established and upheld in order to maintain an environment which is based on maturity, tactics & a military structure. In April 2011 PSARMY expanded into the XBOX community to provide its platform and ideals to this large community. In doing so a new brand was born called Console Army which now has PSARMY (playstation) and XBARMY (XboX) under its umbrella.


Console Army is a military structured clan and we use forums to communicate with one another. We currently support 2 franchises...Battlefield and Call of Duty.


All squads at Console Army will practise once a week and you can view the practise times from the roster. Practice is mandatory, but we understand that sometimes things crop up in life and that on occasions you will need to be excused from attending. You can do this by contacting your Squad Assistant or Squad Leader.


There are a couple requirements for one to join:

- You must be atleast 16 years of age

- You must have a mic

- You must be mature


If you are interested in joining put me as your reference .

Post here if you want to learn more/ have any questions or concerns.


Find out more about Console Army here-