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Might be mean but dont care

I do not want to play with horrible players. Do they have a right to play the game.. yes, but they have no right to play with me. they want to spin around in circles and stare at clouds go ahead and do it, but do it in a private match or FFA, not in team based games. if you go negative, leave the game. you are a liability and taking up space for legit players to take your place.


most of you will say, well then just leave the game.. the answer is No.. if i were to do that it would take 30 min to play a game with a decent ping, so that is not going to happen (already tried)... 80 percent of my deaths is due to no fault of my own ie. teammates giving away my position. dies all the time to give the other team streaks. not using mic for team strat and heads up, but rather sing stupid songs, and yell at their mom.


i dont care about win or lose i care about kd. if im in a horrible team i normally go around 25-10 to 30-15 ish.. but if im on a decent team win or lose i go 35-5 to 40-6.. because I can focus on my task at hand instead of if my teammate can handle their own, or will they let an opponent pass them and ultimately them killing me..


sounds mean.. but dont care