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The Fantastic Quick Scope Dinner Experiment You Can All Take Part In!


So there's been much talk about that flakey game physics glitch that became quick scoping. Now is your chance to join in a community experiment from the safety of your own home. It's the Fantastic Quick Scope Dinner Experiment.


How to play:


- Make sure you are sitting at your dinner table with a plate of food in front of you.

- Take a breath and get ready to play! Here we go.

- Pick up your fork.

- Glance (look quickly) at the food on your plate.

- Look away and as quick as possible stab your fork down to grab some food (no peeking)

- Continue this as many times as possible (finish your dinner if you can)

- At the end, by the state of your face, floor and clothing you should know how accurate and effective no-look quick-forking is.


If you like it and get really good at it - perhaps when you no longer require a bib, mop and bucket - you could film yourself and add 360 degree spins between mouthfuls...