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Is there NO reason to use a PKP or MG36 over the L86.

I don't know why this isn't disscussed more often, but don't we see a complete outclass of weapons here? Bascially the PKP and MG36 have NO point in existing in this game.


Heres why the L86 is better than either the PKP or MG36:


Lower recoil

Faster reloads

Higher RPM

NO recoil when given the thermal sight

Better iron sight


PKP and MG36 advantages?

40 damage up close instead of 38, so only 2 more damage, same damage long range(35), and that 2 more damage doesn't change the bullets needed to kill. Yep that sounds like a tiny and useless advantage.


Now let me make this clear. I am NOT asking for IW to nerf the L86. I can understand maybe removing the zero recoil with the thermal sight, but it is a very balanced weapon when compared to all the weapons in the game. What I AM asking for is for IW to give the PKP and MG36 some sort of buff, you know a valid reason to use them over the L86. My ideas on how to fix them would be to:


Give the MG36 lower recoil, 85% run speed and a 3.5 second aim speed.

Give the PKP lower recoil and give it a torso multiplier that is just high enough so it can kill in two hits in the torso or head before damage drop off. Also fix the issue of sway being increased and made unresetable when it has the grip attachment on.


You guys have any ideas on how to fix these guns?

Also think they should bumb down the recoil on the M60 just a tad.