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blackops zombies player wanted


hey guys im looking for skilled players so we can get to some super high rounds i play with some ametures at the min so ive not got an imnpressive score but my solo is impressive and 100% legit and if you havent done the easter egg on map ill help you i know everyone and can do all the bits i can by myself so its like you dont even know ur doing the easter egg and then you get the trophy in the corner thanks guys, girls

more info check out my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/PS3Snip3erz

kino    solo 76 multi 31

five     solo 68 multi 23

ascension   solo 105 multi 33

call of the dead solo 89 multi 33

shangrli     solo 76  multi 29

moon solo 79    multi 29

and the other world at war maps are high 20s

if ur skilled and wont go down past round 40 im looking 4 you

im ps3 and pc reply to me with ur name and ill add u