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The Proof Is In The Putting...

So I just changed computers and accounts... yet the same links Im posting about not being able to post in are the same, yet people want to blame my cookies?  How can a different account on a different computer have ANYTHING TO DO with my setings?




Im no Internet Einstein but Im pretty sure that negates ANY claim that is has to do with cookies and MY internet settings so PLEASE stop giving this as advice and get this forum and your game under control!!!


Oh wait, I forgot to erase the brownies from my router when I switched to a new machine... lol!!!

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    FYI it is pudding not putting, although as a golfer the proof of a good round often is in the putting

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      sorry.. I was trying to do a play on words.  I meant 'puting' as in somone seems to be puting things out of order here... someone seems to be puting bad information on this site... someone thinks my cookies are puting things in error...


      Its a terrible attempt but all I could come up with after clearing my files and cookies which means Im looking at upto three days getting some of them re-verified (as they serve location and ID purposes) cookies and security files back on.  Im just freakn so upset that this was the excuse versus dealing with the truth that this forum is a laugh, at best, when it comes to the users security!!!


      I followed the adive I have seen given, yet it fixed nothing.  Why things started being alrgiht today ios beyond me... maybe it was the 'brownies' on my router and not my PC cookies (this is another joke to portray how stupid their advice was since users constantly came back and said that it did nothing.


      Either way, the proof is in the putting... them spending to much time putting around on a private golf course with all the money this game has made hand-over-fist versus DOING THEIR JOBS!!!


      So hey, looks like I spelled it right after all, eh?