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MW3 & Blops II single player story questions

With this game being set 11 years after the events of Modern Warfare 3 (world war III) there are several questions that need to be answered


1. Will there be any mention of World War 3?


2. After all the major cities where destoryed, how did the americans recover so quickly?


3. After being invaded for the second time, surely the americans would just nuke China?


4. Will there be places in the vaults?


5. Can I drive a titan?


6. Can I kill ollie North?


7. Will Ghost be in this game?


8. Why would the USAF replace the F-35 with an F-38 and why does it look like a bastard child between the F-22 and F-16


9. Where the hell are the tanks?


10. Will the PS3 verision actually work?


simple questions, don't worry, i know the tea lady wont beable to answer them