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Activision Got Real And Banned All The Cheaters Easy To Find

This just in:


The news reported that 'for once a company grew a pair and decided to take a hard stand against pedo, chili-mo cheaters on its favorite console.  As it turns out they didnt have to use any advanced measures to identify this first wave of cheaters as it was obvious by playing their own game on non-corporate consoles.


While this leaves huge holes in the entire playability network of their most successful game ever, they where entirely confident that the real peple in life would understand this move.  As it turns out, there stock doubled immeaditly and the market was even closed!  While at first the gamers who where left that hadnt used any method  to cheat had trouble finding a game; they decided it was a very, VERY good thing in the end and all went out and bought a separate, extra copy of the game along with pre-oredering whatever was next for this company, and its not availble for pre-order at this time, to show their appreciation for this companies bold and valiant move.


Well, Carol... it looks like they have replaced Apple as the techie religion of choice.


And hows the weekend weather Chuck?'