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Has anyone noticed how bad this game really is?


I've been playing CoD since CoD4, and I remember all the fun I had with that game. The guns were balanced and people played the objective. People didn't whine about those that chose to use UAV Jammer, and people didn't camp all the time.


Enter MW2. I didn't meet my first OMA tuber until 1/3 of the game's play expectancy had passed. I had no idea what he was doing until someone told me about OMA. I picked up the OMA tube and became a vicious monster. A few weeks later after I started getting bored of annihilating people with it, I notice that everyone else had picked it up as well. and didn't do anything else. This was no problem to me, as they were easy to kill, and the game was still fun.


Enter Black Ops. People started hiding with Ghost, people started whining about it, and sometimes the randoms you got on your team wouldn't play the objective. The game was overall still pretty fun to play.


Enter MW3. Lag compensation means that people on welfare who steal wireless from the nearby McDonalds have a better chance at this game then someone with a decent connection. Pump action shotguns are terribly inconsistent. No random that you get on your team will play the objective unless you get a random party of 4 or more on your team. Everyone seems to care so much about their K/D in every game that they have to camp with Blind Eye and Assassin, just to lose the match. Some people care about their win streak just as much, so they leave the game right at the end to avoid ending their win streak. The current matchmaking system searches on everyone's connection instead of the party leader, making it take forever to find matches. I don't even mind that most people just run around with the Type 95, ACR, or MP7, since i'll just do it too, but then people whine about what guns others use, like they think they're better for not using them, even though it hurts their own K/D and possibly their W/L if they suck enough.


Is it just me, or has MW3 stopped being fun, and started seeming like a uneccesary chore to deal with? It's no wonder why most of my friends that beast at this game and love CoD have ragequit MW3 to start playing Skyrim and Minecraft.