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Fly Squad Now Recruiting for New Talents for Specialized divisions.

Fly Squad is now recruiting for PS3 Cod:MW3 players...


We are a well established clan started back in Nov. 2011


Looking for a variety of players


TrickShooters, Snipers, Quickscopers


Casual gamers, In-game participants, Players for Clan Ops


Competitive Players, Strategic gamers


Video Editors, Active Website Members, You Tube Friendly


Leadership rolls are also available!

We are interested in giving new clan leaders the opportunity of starting there clan under the fly squad name, separated in it's own division. This leader will focus in that area and have all the perks of not having to start from scratch!




Visit our web site http://flysquad.enjin.com to register on our web site to join fly squad.

*K/D of 1.0+ requirement


Contact BossDonPaperelli via web site for more information.