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This will be the best COD ever!!!

Why make another over priced piece of crap. You will feed us garbage untill the game comes out. It will be ok for a few days maybe a week, then it will be busted, cheated, glitched, lagged, ect. Oh wait dont forget the modded controllers that everyones mommy and daddy will pay 150.00 for. Lets not forget about all the money we will be charged for junk, (ELITE) What a waste of money. MW 3 is what made me sell my xbox, COD ruined the whole gaming experience for me and I will never buy one again. You never fix anything, you never listen to anyones complaints, you never ban the cheaters, but one thing you do VERY well is take everyones money, make a killing and dont give two S@$&S about your fans that made you rich in the first place. I hope your company goes broke and can never make another crap game again. Thanks for all the support over the last 5++ years.