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WHY i KILL WH@RE...............

I do because im pared with n00bs 8 times out of 10.. they dont understand objectives, they do not know how to read spawns, or  how to use the map, or how to hold their own in gun fights, constently haveing to turn around to watch my back.. normally they are the ones I rage at if I rage at all for getting me killed, or getting in my way or keeping me way from the cover I need by sitting RIGHT BEHIND ME!,  or getting in the way when Im running the flag back. so the best solution for me. is try to stay away from teammates, mostly screw the objective and get my kills and impove kdr. I piss alot of clans and crews off (which is fun), because even though my team lost, they are raging at me for screwing their kill streak up or destroying their MOAB opportunity. thats pretty much why I play now... to piss groups and other players off

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    nice excuse, you could easily play tdm but you choose not to because they arent easy prey.

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         Yeah, most of my teammates also have down sydrome. I like team games, but when im playing i hate being next to my team. They get me killed way too often. Its like i just have teammates to use as bait. If i see a white skull and crossbones pop up then i know where the enemy is. Or, if i wanna turn a corner or go into a building ill usually wait a second for my teammate to run in and get shot at and see where the dude is hiding, haha. I wish it could be 2 teams playing against eachother and then just have me on my own team by myself. That would be awesome!

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    ERROR_6_ wrote:


    . thats pretty much why I play now... to piss groups and other players off


    Sorry but for that you should be banned from the network. Your only goal is to piss people off then you shouldnt be allowed on. The real truth is that you cant accept your deaths and losses as your fault so you blame others. If you wanted to improve your KDR by just concentrating on kills then you can play TDM  and if teammates get in your way you can play FFA, but those game modes are probably too hard for you so you have to play Dom and KC and HQ and killwhore instead of completing objectives and winning the match. Players like you simply ruin the community and the online experience. You arent cool, you have no skill. You're the kind of guy who would run in and kick someone after your friend just beat them up. The worst part is that your bragging about it when you should be rather ashamed of your lack-luster and unimpressive style of play.

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      The real truth is that people can choos how they want to play the game even if it is not what others like or want. No where in the TOS does it state that they must go for the objective at all times in Obj game, that they are not allowed to camp or kill whore.


      No one playing this game owes anyone else anything, they do not need to play by sportsmanship rules or anything like that. They do not need to be ethical or moral about how they play as long as they are not breaking the TOS by hacking/modding or cheating and kill whoreing in obj games is not any of the above.


      I am the one that tripple caps sometimes when a game gets boring beause my team double capped and then just camps. Other times when I do not feel like rushing around, I camp and prefer to just double cap.


      What Error is doing is not wrong, it is how  he or she finds fun playing a game that has issues for them.


      When I am playing and I do not feel like tryharding and my team is a bunch of try hards I will troll the hell out of them by flashing them, stealing kills that they did not finish in time running around near someone that is silenced with an un silenced weapon and firing forcing them to move from their camp spot or be killed.