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Confirmed PC Features (Updated 9/29/12)

This thread's original purpose was to inform you Black Ops II would include ranked dedicated servers for the PC. However, as seeing that possibly more information will be revealed over time I decided to convert this thread in to a list of confirmed PC features. Everything listed below has been confirmed by PCdev via Twitter or another official source.


PCdev's Twitter

System Specifications




Confirmed PC Features - Updated 9/29/12


- Steam Client

- Matchmaking/Ranked Dedicated Servers (No Server Browser)

- Local search restriction option

- Lean

- Adjustable FOV in campaign, multiplayer, and zombies (80 Max)

- DirectX11 (Requires Windows Vista SP2 or later; Mac not supported)

- Engine has significant performance improvements (Optimized)

- Improved Alt + Tab

- Controller Support (Any Xinput controller, including Xbox controller)

- LAN on Listen Server (Internet required for each person playing)

- VAC Anti-cheat, Treyarch's proprietary anti-cheat, live PC security team

- Ability to run in Windowed Mode (Including fullscreen window)

- Developed by a dedicated PC team

- Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99 USD)

- Ability to edit classes/scorestreaks between games

- In-game voice chat

- Supports Nvidia 3D Vision

- SLI and Crossfire support

- Ability to turn global text chat on/off; mute invidival voice chat

- Two discs

- AA options available: CSAA, MSAA, FXAA, TXAA




- TopFighter

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