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why did treyarch have to make this game. it seems like they made black ops secifically for noobs who were new to this game. no true killfeeders ever played this game and faze only played it for a month before they went back to mw2 and got big. black ops could have been so much better if they made it in the light of mw2 with new features like theatre mode and combat training, but whats the point of having these things in a shitty game. and the worst part was that they ruined sniping. snipping takes skill and only real good player can run around with a sniper getting quad feeds and stuff, not sitting in the back hardscoping. and its not cheap, its just good players who are shitting on the noobs.

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    i dont really get what you are tryign to say tbh , but you saying hardscoping is nooby?? quickscoping dose not take any kinda of skill its just luck , hardscoping take alot of skill aiming infront of the person and taking aim and shoot headsot dead. thats really a nooby thign to do .

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      Hardscoping i agree takes skill,quickscoping is pure luck most of the kill cams show the sight scope cross hatch,not even close to the person,ive played in games where you just run around and pull the trigger and thats it your dead ridiculous.


      I do apreciate a proper hard scope kill from a sniper that s skill..


      You use aimbot?Noob im not sure you know the meaning .Sniping is a skill thats for sure ..and it does take good players to snipe?