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What do you think Treyarch are going to do with BO2's playercard and emblem?


OK so we've heard about multiplayers create-a-class, zombies 8-player massive maps and multiplayer-like server and single players branching storyline in the last cold war and 2025. What i want to know now is how are Treyarch planning to do playercards. Many people would say this is a small issue and especially so early on but im just interested in how we will be able to present ourselves to other players around the world and stand out as individual players. Personally I would like to see the emblem system Black Ops had but with a wider variety of things to choose from and more purchasable layers. Also I think some of the new varieties of emblem choices should be unlockable through challenges much like MW3 did with emblems in there entirety. Playercard backgrounds have always been set so maybe they should be personalised too?