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Infected in Pubs?

  No... I am not asking what contagious diseases the barfly cougar that was hitting on me last weekend may or may not have.


I am not faniliar with the infected game mode so bear with me if this is a noob question.


I was recently joined a match in progress. I had a silenced gun I am unfamiliar with. I didn't even have a chance to choose my class!?! It said something about being infected. I got a couple kills before leaving.


  I thought  game modes like infected could only run in private matches. If so are we seeing a new wave of modded public lobbies? Did they find a workaround to the fast file fix to block modded lobbies in pubs?


  Just wondering because I am concerned that this means we are back to the squeeking skriddies getting their kicks demoting people again.


  I hope I am just being overcautious and a bit paranoid LOL!