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Elite is still broken OR broken again.


I signed in to enlist in some clan ops, managed to do that fine. Then i went to the Elite TV section which didnt work properly.


After that i noticed the page went onto a different language. That stupid 0.72Kd is back with stupid class names (mostly foreign but one says "s**k my d**k")


This is just riduculous IW. kids use this service you know!!! tweeting crap like "users may be presented with erroneous profile data as we restore our servers" isnt good enough and of course is BS. pull your fingers out.


Its just as well i dont wanna enlist in some lone wolf ops, as it wont let me since Elite now thinks im not premium. quality stuff

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    ive had a similar problem mate sometimes when i go on my elite it comes up with server error and wnt let me on as we are premium member who have payed for the elite i think they should sort it out and give abit more better customer service before they loose alot of mw3 players

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    i agree the least they could do is be honest and let us know whats goin on with it, and your right mate if we messed up at work like that id be gone the same day

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    Eh, it's not an inconveinence. It's just not funny anymore.


    The first time they hacked, it had shock value. Now it's just like "Okay we get it".


    Also, since it's his stats that the hacker pasted. They make me want to vomit.


    His top weapons are the ACR and MP7, and he hasn't used any other guns for more than 100 kills.

    There's no honor in killing a man with the ACR or MP7.

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    What upsets me the most is that they think twitter is the proper way to communicate to the community.

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      Agreed. This is the official MW3 forum. This is where we should hear about things first. Then it can be tweeted

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      I had a discussion about this very thing 2 nights ago. My mate was on about how mark Rubin was tweeting this that and the next thing saying they are now looking into matchmaking. My mate goes, u should tweet him saying what probs ur having as host. WHAT???? Tweet him? If they took a look at the forums once in a while they'd ******* know everything.


      I don't have a problem with them using twitter to communicate, however it should be explicitly stated on forum boards and on main page to contact whoever via twitter.


      Stupid system really, what's wrong with using your official website for official announcements and discussions. Stupidity

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        I don't think we should be advised to contact anyone on twitter. What's the point of a forums if they just direct us to twitter? Why not just remove the forums and use twitter. Some of us just don't want to use twitter.

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        Don't you get it, if they come here and comment they actually have to interact with COD Forum members, give answers and have conversations. Like for example the Devs and Team Leaders do on the INSOMNIAC/GG-KILLZONE, BETHESDA Forums.


        On Twiterless they can say what they want and ignore us with out fear of really having to interact with us and/or be upfront!!!!! They can hide behind Twiterless


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    last update kill this game!!!!!

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    What makes me shake my head is that the retart who does this thinks it's fun at all. This is the kind of person who can't do anything about his self esteem in real life, so he finds some way of screwing with things on the internet... and that he won't get arrested for because he's a coward.


    If this was anything other than a game, he'd be facing real problems. As it is, if anyone finds him in real life they might beat his face in because he's screwing them out of something they paid $50 a year for.


    And that's another issue - the people running the site might have to face a lot of "gimmie my damn money back" because they can't keep the site from getting hacked.


    Speaking of which... I have a call to make. If enough people make calls demanding their money back (paid for service that is not performing the action agreed on AND is a possible breach of privacy), then they might actually try to find the jerk doing it and hand him a reason to pay a lawyer to keep him from having ot loose every penny he has.

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    Agreed, Agreed, Agreed.


    1) Elite is broken today, has been broken since the beginning, and will be broken still in the future.


    2) Twitter should not be used as an "Official" portal for communication between a company and its customers.


    3) 7 months and this product still doesn't work. How about they give us back those 7 months after all our subscription ends?


    "Beachhead Studio, screwing gamers over since 2011"

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    Haven't you heard? It's just a server issue...no problem at all. They continue to ignore anyone who asks why the class names were all changed to stupid and derogatory names.