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No XP getting added?


Yesterday I was playing Dome Domination with a full team. Seeing as it was the X2 XP weekend it was perfect for me to play seeing as I had 3 hours X2 XP leftover from my clan unlocking X2 XP. I played normally and luckily got a M.O.A.B and then bumped the XP count up to X8 XP (I think I'm not sure). Anyway when the game ended I was rank 57 and before I was 54. I ranked up 3 times! When the game went back to the lobby it said I earned 89800 XP (Or something along the lines of it) BUT my rank was back to 54! I Pro'd two perks in the game and I still got them and the challenges I unlocked are still unlocked but NO XP went onto my rank! I have the video of the game in my Vault and I have the game immediately after it for proof that no XP got added. Please help I EARNED that XP!


P.S I tweeted @IWMarkRubin , @candyslexia , @Teanah , @CallOfDuty , @ATVIAssist , @IWEnforcers in hope of some info.