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camping in MW3


im normally not one to complain at all, but this is starting to annoy. and no i am not complaining about campers kicking my ass. that... doesnt happen . My problem is that when im playing I want a challenge, a Run N Gun challenge not weed out the hiding kids. When i get into a lobby and i see that the opposing team has K/D ratio it is now assumed that they hid in a corner for it. why? because i have come across 0 Run N Gun players with a decent K/D. Now me ALL I do is either snipe, or im runing and gunning. so my question is where are all the good Run N Gun players?

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         Hey, theres nothin wrong with a little hide n seek every now and then! Hahaha


         I personally dont get how people can actually tolerate sitting in one spot for large portions of the game. Its way too boring for me. Depending on the game type, and depending on where im located on the map, i just run around certain areas of the map. Kinda like patrolling major corners or hallways or buildings that everyone uses. Eventually ill give in and switch to my SMG and start bookin it around the whole map (which is not such a great idea) tryin to find anyone to kill.

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    No camping is getting out of control.  Playing the KC clan op now and we ran into a couple clans we just demolished.  Playing in a clan op you figured they would actually go for the tags, but instead they sit in a corner looking at a clan 2 feet in front of them.

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         I was joking, haha. I was referring to people who camp, is like playing hide n seek. Its for children. I dont really mind THAT much when people camp, to be honest. As long as its not the majority of the team doing it, ofcourse. Call me lucky, but people camping isnt a big problem when i play.

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    Anyone who says camping is "a legit strategy" clearly has no idea what they're talking about and should sell their Xbox.

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    it must be.. look at all the hate it gets on these forums from run n gunners like yourself.

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    The length of time spent camping in a match is directly related to how positive your K/D spread is.


    Percentage of time spent camping in a match: 99%

    K/D ratio: Never negative.


    Yeah, camping is a terrible strategy.

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    I've said it before in other posts about camping. I do it to survive. A n00b can't run around and kill people most of the time without giving the other team tons of points. I'm in it to win the game for my team. That means I camp a spot, move, then camp again. If the score is close, I'll pick a spot and stay there. Once I get better, then I'll run and gun.

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