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text system


When do you think the text system will come back, its been more then a couple of days..

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    It's not going to come back until another patch, and we have no clue when will that be.

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    We'll probebly never get it back :/

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    I don't think text messaging will be enabled again. That would require a patch. We are already far past the time of year in which Black Ops got it's last patch. It will remail disabled and this game will go down as the worst Wii adaptation of a game ever.

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      they were disabled for good i heard because of the naughty messages and rumors got to activision that you can hack through it not sure this is what i heard so this is not 100% accurate just a rumor but i hoped i helped but i think if your playing you should expect to get hacked or recieve "naughty" messages from people because not everyones nice its just life