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Tips for your MW3 Youtube videos. Please follow these to not get flamed into oblivion.

First off, hello everyone, I am the DeadestLlama. Been around for a good bit here, and I have seen A LOT of people post videos on here, which promptly get flamed into oblivion. In order to stem the tide of flame wars, I have created a list of essential things that you need to have in your video, and will update to add any suggestions that I deem good from you guys as well. Let me know what you think.


Your Youtube video needs to be:


1). Interesting. This is number one because its the most important. Dont post a 10 minute MOAB where you ignored the objective and camped your pants off. Post good gameplays that are exciting, with lots of action between you and the enemies. Getting a huge score with KS is overrated. No one cares if you camped your way to two pavelows and got 80 kills. Its not interesting to watch you camp until you get KS, and then the KS gets all of your kills.


2). PTFO- Play the F-ing Objective. If you dont play the match how its supposed to be played, you will get flamed to oblivion on here. If you are playing Domination, grab flags. If you are playing KC, grab your tags, and especially important is to not just run right past tags, this is a huge no no.


3). + 4). Editing. This is two numbers because its important. The easiest editing to do is add color correction. There are numerous YT vids out there showing you how to do it. Use them. Your washed out gameplay will be washed out of here faster than you can post a whiny comment on why no one likes your youtube video. Second point: Dont over edit. When the editing takes away from the gameplay you have gone to far. No one wants to watch your QSing montage. Seriously. You arent zzzirGriz. Just dont do it.


Color correction and black lines:


5). Quality. HD is a must. If you are posting videos here, you need to have HD, or at least edit your 480p to be almost 720. You CAN make your roxio footage almost watchable. It will take lots of editing, but it is possible. Search YT for instructions.


6). Commentary. This could be a whole list in and of itself, but the basics are: make it informative/funny/something so long as its not boring; dont use your laptop microphone, at the very least get a $10 external mic from Wally world and use that. Better mic quality is even better lol. IF you are a squeaker (you know who you are) use editing tools to tone down the sqeaks. Our ears will thank you. Be excited about what you're talking about. You should give off the air that you are the best, be super confident.


7). Embed your videos, I dont want to click a link and leave the site. Not very hard to do, just copy the embed code from the video page and paste it into the video embed feature of this forum.


8). Some text from you seeking feedback/something along with the video would be ideal. Tell us what sorts of questions you have for us, etc. This is a written forum after all.


9). Make sure the video fills the entire screen, at the very least in small screen mode. Black bars are an instant dislike from me, and causes me to flee your YT vid as fast as possible.


10). If your first post is a youtube video begging for views, dont expect people to be nice. A few posts in the forum over a couple days before you post up your vids isnt too much to ask for right?


Thanks for reading, add your own tips if you feel like it.



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