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Confirmed: Terminal is returning :D

Mark Rubin: “I’m still trying to get that map out. It may not be in a drop per se. But rather off on it’s own.”


Just like Robert Bowling wanted, Throwback maps OUTSIDE of the DLC season and for free. Gotta love Infinity Ward for going to return an awesome classic

http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/almost-confirmed-terminal-may-be-returnin g-as-a-free-map/

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    That's cool and all. But I don't want to pay for old maps. If I wanted to play Terminal, there's still plenty of people playing MW2.


    I was excited when they brought back CoD 4 maps to MW2. But when I played them I quickly realized that those maps just didn't belong on MW2.


    I rather have a new map then to play on a recycled one.

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    I don't see how it's going to happen. When PAID seasons are over, there will be no more incentitive for IW and SH to put out any more content. Going by their history, I can't think of why it would happen unless it will contribute to the new PAID DLC sales.

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    dear god no i hope this is a joke post terminal was a spawn trappers dream

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    I think you need to learn the definition of "confirmed" ;-)

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    thank them for what again? not finishing multiplayer content on time? fix there broken lag feast game? fix match making?  actually map map that ppl can use instead of FO BS? O you want us to thank these no account devs for wasting their time rehashing old maps instead of giving us what we paid for, quality new maps.

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    MW2 had amazing maps but sadly they were all ruined due to known issues.. such as the famous OMA noob tubes. I could care less about this "oh boo hoo we already played these" because they are way better than the DLC maps we have now. I don't want to explain how many rip off maps there are, but for one example Overwatch is a really bad ripoff of Highrise. Anyway, considering the developers are so lazy and can only make faceoff maps, I'd much rather have Multiplayer maps implemented from older CODS, with graphics up to par of course. This makes their job easier without them making more **** maps. IMO this drop was really bad, most things were copied and pasted anyway, you can tell U-Turn is a smaller version of Downturn. Intersection also had many objects gathered together from other maps. I really loved Vortex, as it reminds me of Wasteland and Overgrown (the good ol' great sniper maps). Most (more than half) MW3 maps are so cramped together I don't even know why Snipers are in the game, they are only fully effective by quickscoping. The sad thing is Vortex wasn't really well thought out, Air Suppost will DESTROY you on that map, to the point where the Blind Eye perk is essential. There's really no spots to hide from assault kilstreaks in it, only a chicken coop and a small bus. Wasteland was similar to this, only having a few houses to take cover from. Vortex was great, but it could've had so much more potential, which is what honestly irritates me. They need to Drop the Spec Ops missions because Arctic Recon failed, there's no epicness or "thrill" to spec ops anymore. The only thrill I've seen from Spec Ops from mw3 was the Task Force 141 mission. That actually seemed thought out and not half-assed.

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    Ummm. didn't this Mark Rubin guy also say they were working on fixing the lag/connection issues.  Funny becuase I am still having a ton of WTF moments.


    Don't believe half of what this guys says, especially when it is non-committal like the comment he made about Terminal.