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How to Destroy hackers...

It has come to my attention that these "hackers" have destroyed the game by getting text messaging banned, making legit players rage, and by demotion/promotion. There is a way to stop it, you make them rage, by doing that you go in parties and troll the **** out of these kids. Now it's not that simple, you have to be nice, dont be offensive or else they will hack you and other stuff. . You need to act likle noobs and kill them, make them rage,but be nice when trolling, that way you dont get into trouble.



How text messaging got banned:


Nitendo has shut down text messaging do to a code that lets hack users to find the wii's mac address, there of controlling there wii. Now, who is responsible for it you may ask? A guy named haxzing terrorist and all those "big-deal hackers".


Why do hackers hack?


Hackers hack because they are abnormally addicted to getting there way.The main cause of this is because they have found ways to control other people, so they can ack like little kings. Another cause is they want peoples attention, they may be lonely in life and may want a gf or some other crap.



Finally how to destroy them,


Well there are a couple of ways, First you need to get in five man parties of good trollers, make sure that you stay calm because they cant do anything to you legally(if they threaten you). Second you need to creat good troll classes, sure as p90, fmg-9 and stuff like rocket launchers.

Third, strategy, hackers generally know where you are so it is important to camp kinda like a noob, but stay with the group and find a place to set a good perimeter(if they do break through stay sharp and calm and just be a noob and blow them up with c-4 or something cheap like that). Pretty soon if we do enough of this we can clean up mw3, but it will take time. This is war now, and the hackers started it.



MY ally code is: 3493-0057-1259


We can finish this.