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*Heads up warning for anyone downloading the new content drop!  !* *FIXED WITH 28/06 TU*


Known Issues

Out of memory error when trying to play the new face off maps

Spec ops player level resetting once you have downloaded the dlc

unable to download the dlc without redownloading the entire back catalogue of elite dlc (actually is just a small file for each previously d/led dlc



Elite content issue fix  http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/ELITE-Content-not-accessible-af ter-6-19-Update/

Artic Recon issue fix http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Arctic-Recon-Spec-Ops-Mission-n ot-loading/

Out of Memory (error5) Fix http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Out-of-Memory/

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