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Report a HACKER!

They say it's easy to report a hacker, how can it be that easy when the majority of Modern Warfare 3 player's didn't know you could, and others that do know also arn't sure how to report a players misconduct.

Also HOW can you report a hacker when they have the ability to hide there's name's on the steam list of players on pc.

Why is it even up to us to report hackers?


The reality is,

no matter how hard they try there will always be somone out there that will figure a way around it.


That's why there needs to be harsh punishment for people who alter the game for their own advantage.

Is the game ruined? Can Activision and Infinity Wall pull MW3 back from the brink?

As PREVIOUSLY stated by Infinity Ward- modifying or abusing the game code results in a SWIFT CONSOLE BAN.... <<<< seems to be working very well, NOT!