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Join My Clan AnGrY_

Hello people on the internet my name is Jay or Jake i am starting a clan Called AnGrY_ if you want to join Add AnGrY_JaY on Psn this clan plays Black ops and with play Black ops 2 when it comes out


There are not many Requirements to join you have to create an account called AnGrY_??? it can be any word after the " _ " for example AnGrY_Ninja

i would rather you add me first before you make the account so we can talk it doesnt matter where you live just speak ENGLISH!!!!



1. Be on atleast Once a Week

2. Dont be a suck up

3. No swearing at my mates or youll be kicked from partys and lobbys and will get ignored from clan

4. Have Fun


btw if there is any rules i forgot you should already know what your aloud and not aloud to do


Requirements. Old enough to play cod respect the guidelines Thats all really contact AnGrY_JaY on psn to join btw get the caps right in the name

   ( AnGrY_JaY)


Ps. Sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammer errors im lazy contact me to join ill get back to you as soon as i can