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any Good Players on PS3?

Well the title says it all, Im trying to find some decent people that want to get to some high rounds on zombies, I would really prefer if you lived in the US because i seem to have some really bad connection issues with people outside of the US and that really screws us over, I have a MIC and  It would be awesome if you had one also, but its fine if you dont just be a good listener and know what your doing.  Well anyways if anyone is interested just send me a message, my PSN is Chronic_Shots760


by the way here are the rounds ive made it to in CO-OP


Kino - 37


Five - 18


DOA - 29


Nacht Der Untoten - 28


Verruckt - 21


Shi No Numa - 19


Der Riese - 32


Ascension - 30


Call of the Dead - 24


Shangri-La - 28


Moon - 33