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[PC] The Art of Warfare is recruiting

The Art of Warfare is a premier online gaming community of around 1500 members spread over 20 different games. Wanting to play the game with a group but tired of clans talking trash when you have a bad day? Or maybe that was your everyday, and they arn't giving you the help you need to become a better player? Well Look no further, here in the Call of Duty division we meet 3 times a week for practice and sometimes more than that(only two of which are mandatory). We are about to join the Team Warfare League for some external competitions if thats the kinda think your are interested in. If not, perhaps our internal tournament seasons would be something you would enjoy. We do require that you be at least 15 years of age, and a mature attitude to join.


We are always accepting new members into our community, so if you would like to join please submit an application here : http://taw.net/


If you have any questions please feel free to post them and i will do my best to get back with you in a day or two.


                                                                                                                   ~Rogue Op. CO 1Battalion MW3 Division

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    46 year old.


    Like to play CoD4, CoD5 and MW3.


    Spaniard and i use to play every day a while.


    Actually Prestige leve 7 ready to go to level 8.


    I'm not interested in external league but practices and internal tournaments will be cool and nice.


    See u

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      hey man since your in spain you'll be in our european battalion but if your having trouble getting in contact with BulletProof send me a message and we'll work out a time i can get your boot camp complete. in the mean time please fill out our intro by clicking on the link we sent to your email