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The new nerfing.


Ahh we've arrived the balanced out game we call mw3.


Akimbo FMG9s- nerfed well. The damage dropback exists, recoil is balanced

Type 95- nerfed. No longer kills an entire room of people effortlessly. hipfire less accurate.

Striker- nerfed. No longer kills at the range of an SMG should. Ext mags fixed.


pp90m1- NERFED YAY! Hip fire accuracy w/o steady aim balanced. Recoil balanced. More muzzle flash. (Unfourtunately).

Let the hate mail begin.

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         I havent noticed any of this.

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    i did notice that the striker isn't killing the way it did, even with range and grip.


    they had better not nerf my javelin.  it would destroy me.

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    I thought I was just lagging last night, I tried the PP90M1 for a match or 2 and didn't do very well lol.

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    There will always be issues because there are always opposite opinions, I've seen posts on this forum (on the same day) asking to buff and then others asking to nerf the exact same gun!  The devs just can't win with this one. Personally I think it's been six months and there's been so many tweaks we should now say hey, this is how it is, these are how the guns are and we should just play the game.

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    ummm.. not seen/experienced any of this.  I can still clear a room out with ease with the type 95...  the akimbo fmg still reloads WAY faster than the single fmg and still lays out a wall of bullets that reach entirely too far to be that accurate.  Striker.. still kills from a long range.

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    I was using the Striker the day and it seemed off to me. I was playing on Seatown and Oasis. On Seatown I was patrolling the market in the middle and on Oasis I was patrolling the lobby. Several times I fired on people 4 or more times and either got just hit markers or nothing at all. These were all at ranges that shouldn't have needed range for to get the kill. This was Hardcore by the way so, no idea why in some cases with up to 4 blasts I was getting hit markers. The game didn't seem laggy. But, thinking it might be lag comp, I switched to my secondary, a silenced MP9. I mowed down people effortlessly. I can't say for certain they nerfed the Striker, but it definitely feels different post title update.

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    How come I'm still getting facked with the type 95 as well let's need the mp7

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      The type 95 is still a very powerful weapon, i just said it was nerfed, not completely balanced.
      All of the guns listed in this post still need work. (with the exeption of the Javelin)