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New 1v1 Private match glitch

Hey guys I don't know how many of you on here actually quick scope but  I had a very interesting game against some kid the other day, he has found a glitch in the game and I cannot find anything on the web search or on you tube. This is what happened I got 3 kills on him all fine nothing dodgy. However after these 3 kills he pressed 4 buttons on his controller whilst using steady aim and a claymore and suddenly my kills were no longer counting. I got 5 kills after the previous 3 but my leader board score and kills stayed the same. Pretty decent glitch an the guy does not want to put it on YouTube , shame really. So my question for you guys is do you know how this is done.


Apparently you need a claymore, Steady aim, even if you don't know I would like to see your thoughts on this guys.