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I Want you to join Operation Rezurection

Listen up people i want you to join the Operation Rezurection here are some details
  1. you must have microsoft points to change your gamertag to something that has OpR in front of your gamertag then you can put anything that has a space between OpR and your letters or numbers so for example OpR space Gdog101 and must have at least 15 letter including OpR and a space between OpR and your letters and numbers
2.   you have to have all the maps to participate in this clan including multiplayer and special ops DLC's
3.    you must obey all given orders to do well in this clan and their is a ranking system shown below of the fifth requirement
4.    you have to be on a lot to participate and if you decide to get off for any reason you notify me when you do or if your going to get grounded or be off Xbox Live permanently you must let me know.
5.    we need anyone who can hack who has the skills to do anything aperciative like something outstanding to enhance the clan to do better or anything that will help us in the future and also we need people that have a founders account also known as a premium account but all are welcome wether you have a free account or premium account
1recruit OR0
2private OR1
3private OR2
4private first class OR3
5specialist OR4
6corporal OR5
8Sergeant OR6
9staff sergeant OR7
10sergeant first class OR8
11master sergeant OR9
12first sergeant OR10
13sergeant major OR11
14command sergeant major OR12
15sergeant major of the army OR13
16warrant officer WR14
17chief warrant officer WR15
18chief warrant officer WR16
19chief warrant officer WR17
20chief warrant officer WR18
21chief warrant officer WR19
22second lieutenant OF20
23first lieutenant OF21
24captain OF22
25major OF23
26lieutenant colonel OF24
27colonel OF25
28brigadier general OF26
29major general OF27
30lieutenant general OF28
31general OF29
32general of the Op R. OpR1

33opr recruiter OpR2
34opr officer 1 OpR3
35opr officer 2 OpR4
36opr assistant recruiter OpR5
37opr judge OpRJ
38opr manager OpRM
39opr supervisior OpRS
40opr lead founder OpRL
41opr official founder OpRO