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Overkill - Advice plse


I am running a class consisting of:



Blind eye



and run Specialist with Assassin, Conditioning, Sitrep


Question: when I run this class my game play runs very slow and lethargic, if I change to a different class (without overkill) everything speeds back up?

Is this the norm for overkill, is it because I am using sniper, is it because I have 2 primary's ??

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    I run mp7 as prim and acr as sec. It doesn't run as fast as mp7 solo, but fast enough.

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    It's because you're running a sniper, and you appear to use it correctly. A typical sniper doesn't rush a spawn and look for kills, but rather sits back and lets his victims come to him


    I ran overkill during last weekend when it was Double Gun XP in order to rank up two guns at once. I had a PP90M1 class where I just sort of rushed constantly and would just alternate guns. I also had a MSR/USAS class where I'd clear out my sniping spot with the USAS then snipe. I played much slower with that class


    Short answer, it's your weapon choice that's slowing down your game, not the perk choice

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    youngbuck is correct.  Your movement speed is dependent on the heaviest weapon you are carrying.  I used to run a similar set up with the Barrett and the UMP when I started sniping in MW3, but I just can't live without quickdraw on my sniper rifles now

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    I think you should just run AS50 and MP9 as a secondary. MP9 can compete with pretty much any primary in the game. This would free up your second perk slot for something MUCH more beneficial.

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    Try only using SMG guns with that as primary an secondary you will run a lot faster.

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      Thanks for your input, I only really wanted to use overkill because I wanted to learn how to sniper (ie mission, can't beat em join em), however I want to free roam as usual with AR or SMG then use the sniper as and when seems appropriate.  I usually use the MP9 as my secondary so as above post I will try the AS50 as primary with MP9 stick on Quick Draw and see how we go, it's worth a try.

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    You might try using a sniper rifle with better mobility attributes like the MSR or the L118A with Overkill and see if that helps.

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    I just started using overkill for my last couple of prestiges.  I wanted to use a shotgun, but have some mid-long range capabilities as well.  I hate how you always need to in close quarters to succeed with a shotty, so I use MP-7 or P90/Striker combo.


    They game definitely doesn't run any slower, maybe you are experiencing your character moving slower because of the larger caliber weapon?  IDK. 


    But I love using Overkill.  Awesome perk they came up with.  I find using the SMG/Shotgun combo to be the best and I'm still able to run and gun like normal.  Pro it isn't all the special but it is nice to have attachments on your second primary. 

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      Yeah, it looks as though it is the sniper, but it has been noted the AS50 has low mobility so I will try a different one.  Once I'm happy with sniper I plan to use overkill with shotty and smg, all part of the learning curve.


      I have 3 goals for MW3 - learn sniper, shotty and get to at least 15th prestige (currently 10th).

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    My best peice of advice regarding overkill-don't use it. I don't mean to sound like a d*ck if that's how it comes across, it's just that perks in this game can be very important and honestly there are some amazing secondaries in this game, but even more importantly you can pick peoples weapons up when you kill them. The majority of players only run the really good easy weapons like MP7, ACR etc... so chance are you're going to pick up great guns as well.


    Also, don't forget that the secondaries (at least pistols and MP's) have the quickest swap times in the game, and for a reason. If you run overkill, you're going to increase your chances of getting killed during a slower weapon swap, or at least decrease the amount of time you can have on target due to having to use more cover etc... during the longer swaps.


    The single MP9 ext. mags or silenced is an incredible little gun, amazing at range and rounds out almost any class well. For something you need to quickswap too, the 44. magnum, deagle, five 7, and the MP412, all akimbo, are very strong choices.

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    i dont see a point to overkill as you could just switch to your secondary and then pick up someones primary