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Throwing knife swag


Anyone besides me have throwing knife swag? I personally think it takes more skill to use the tk than anything in the lethal list of items. Disagree with me if u must. Let the hate mail begin.

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    Used to use it all the time till I discovered C-4, it takes just as much skill to master but the rewards with C-4 are much, much greater and gives me way more satisfaction getting kills with than what the tk used to do for me.

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    getting kills with throwing knifes, is way more satisfying then C4, if you can be good at it, then it looks pimp

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    I think the word you're looking for is Swagger.


    Throwing Knife Swag would be throwing knives, throwing knife books, throwing knife targets, throwing knife sheaths, stuff like that.


    Swag Definition (noun): loot - booty - spoil - prey - plunder



    Swagger Definition:



    Walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way: "he swaggered along the corridor".

    A very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive gait or manner.




    Yes, the throwing knife is awesome, and does take skill. Everyone loves throwing knife videos.

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    They're both great (c-4 and TK), but there is nothing better then nailing someone with a TK, picking it up, and nailing someone else with it.  Plus, I play lots of SnD so the TK is even better for it's stealthiness (new word, you can borrow!)

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    All of the lethals take a certain amount of skill.


    C4 definitely takes a lot of skill, and is probably the most rewarding. You can plant it discretely and detonate from afar, or toss it over obstacles to get pesky hiders. Jump throwing C4 is definitely a skill. You need a lot of coordination to execute and get the right flight.


    I would say claymore takes a lot of skill. It's hard to place claymores such that the laser cannot be seen and such that if the person is running by that they'll actually be killed by it. When used correctly it can be great though.


    Frags and semtex are a little different. Frags can randomly bounce and give you lucky kills. I would say cooking a frag is skillful though.


    TK definitely though. Obviously you need a lot of skill.


    I would say betty takes the least skill. You just plop it down. Obviously you can put it in unobvious places, but that's just about it.

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    Throwing knives are cool but it's hard to 360 and hit people.  That's why I prefer jump 360 knifing.  It's still hard but at least I dont' have to aim.