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7+ months later.  What's still broken?


I got Elite in November, 2011.  The Beta was released for PS3 in September, 2011.  There are some things that should be fixed by now.  Simple things. Things a programmer with basic knowledge should be able to fix.

Here's just a few issues that I see as still outstanding:


1.  FORUM:  still get an error when posting, which results in people posting things two or three times because they think the first one didn't go through.

2.  ELITE:  Clan invites still do not always work. We send an invite.  The person doesn't get it.  We send it again, and again. 

3.  ELITE:  Clan members are not getting the titles in game.  The only way we can use the titles is if the clan leader selects one for use.

4.  ELITE:  Word filter filters out simple words like "also", "welcome" and "clan"., making it very difficult to communicate even the simplest things to other clan members.  For example:  Welcome to the clan! comes out as *********** to the *******!  So it appears I've just cursed out a new clan member. 

5.  ELITE:  Some leaderboards are still not up.  We either can't see anyone or can't see more than the top 6 participating members on certain clan ops results.

6.  ELITE: Clan challenges still not working.

7.  OVERALL: Response time from those in charge is slow, "it must be on the user's end",  or we get no response at all.



I'm not even going to put the lag, matchmaking or other ingame issues here, because they would be more costly and time consuming to correct.