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Patch 1.16/Elite Premium Memebers

I see that people are having problems with 1.16, me included!!! what i want to know is if this is a problem just for ELITE premium memebers only? Any help or updates on the situation would be appreciated

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    I'm in and playing and I'm an Elite premium member.  hope you get in soon.

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    im NOT elite premium, just free elite and im definetly have problems. im so tired of going back and forth on twitter with Mark Rubin and Infinity Ward about this. He told me last night on there that dlc not showing up (in my case, DLC 1, havent bought dlc 2) is on the PSN/Sony side because the sony systems are the one that tell mw3 that you own the content. downloaded every map several times, downloaded the activation key probably 50 times now. deleted the mw3 game data, reinstalled the 1.16 patch. NOTHING. tweeted mark rubin 4 times today and each time he answers everyone else below me and after me but ignores my questions about this. I'm at a loss.

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    Heres what i did when the ps store could not be accessed from the PS network section off the xmb.


    Got to the ps store from the game section off the xmb. Its under 'trophy collection' on my ps3. Selecting it there will load 6 large thumb nails, select one off the these.. I.e oddworld strangers wrath hd..


    You will be taken to the purchase page off the store, from here you can select 'view downloads' In the top right had corner.


    Take your mw3 disc and written on the right had side under the age rating is a BLES- number, select all off the content including the spec opps missions that has the same number as your disc.


    I only downloaded the maps, which didnt work the first time... So had to redownload it all again.


    This worked for me..