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Call of Duty 4: Flashback (NEW GAME IDEA)

Campaign: The campaign would be the same COD4 campaign, but with a different perspective. It could even include generated flashbacks of you completing "x" mission during the original COD4. This modde would also give memorable cut scenes of your special moments during the original COD4.


Specops: Actual action missions so the campaign does include etc...



Multiplayer: Same perks, guns, attatchments, but with somte minor multiplayer balance tweaks etc. The maps would be the same, but they would also include a flashback moment of a heroic moment of yours in a certain game mode (enter gt and game mode to generate your heroic moment) The maps would also include some cosmetic changes like rust on some of the cars, some more weeds on the ground, (just some ghost town-like changes, from the lack of action (for some people) in COD4 for the past few years.



There would also be a hall of fame where you showcase your favorite games (theatre included in this flashback version of COD4), favorite guns, favorite camos, game modes, maps, and there would be MUCH more features in this HUGE aspect of the game.





So, here is the real question, would any of you like to see this for the next IW game? (Well maybe the one after next one)