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ACR's Overused


This isnt a ***** about wanting it nerfed, crying about it,  none of that.  I have play 5 matches today,  and at least 5 out of the 6 on the opposing team was using the ACR.  Pulled them up on the elite boards and at least 3 of there classes are the ACR.  This seems to be the most overused gun in the game.  Thats all some people can use.  If you did not know people,  there are more guns in the game.


What I think would be funny is to nerf it (I dont think it needs to be) but just do it in order to make people venture out to try new weapons.  If they were to ever do this,  these people with 1.5 K/D or so would drop so fast because they have been scared to try other weapons.


Point of this post people is you need to try something new every once in a while.

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    The key is to never get dependent on just one gun. Use and get good with a multitude of guns like me and the OP. The only people that don't want it nerfed are the ones that  depend on it so much.

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    Probably just a coincidence. I sometimes see people using it, but more people seem to use MP7 against me.

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    and in todays other news the sun is very hot

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    I just think some people need to venture out.  Theres certain guns I cant stand,  but I used them enough to know how to play with them if I pick them up on the field.  The M16 is a prime example.  Cant stand the gun,  but im productive with it.  It may just be my playstyle,  but im not a fan of the ACR,  I have a better KD, and accuracy with the CM901.

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    I see your point about the ACR but its argueably the best A/R on the game. Why wouldnt you expect people to use the best thing available to them. I myself have used every A/R and SMG extensively to find which is best for me and maybe not unsurprisingly its the ACR and MP7.

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    You just made my entire point,  you have used them all.  These people I have been playing with,  there class setups look like they have used nothing else.  ACR in each slot with different perks for bigger or smaller maps.  Hell one guy I played against had the ACR as slot one with his prefered loadout,  with the gold camo,  and the other 4 classes are what your assigned to at level 4 and they have no different camo or looks of even been used.  That right there is why you need to venture out and learn guns.  If for some reason they nerfed this gun and made it the worst in this game,  the above guy would have no clue how to play anymore.

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    I find it handy to learn the other guns incase i need to pick up a different one when i run out of ammo. Admittedly i to have a gold ACR but only have it once in my 7 classes. I reset at 15th (when you could) but stopped at 1st/80 and have been slowly levelling up different weapons but when i need to go tryhard i use the ACR

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    It's a matter of skill.


    The fact is people who use the ACR, MP7, and Striker every game don't have as much skill.


    ACR is a no-recoil assault rifle which makes it excellent at range as well as having a decent RoF for close quarter combat.


    MP7 is an SMG with no recoil which means you can use it at assault rifle range.


    Striker has extremely good range for a shotty and a fast RoF compared to pumps.


    Other weapons take a lot of limiting engagements, specific perk selections, changes in style, and compensating for recoil. These weapons don't. That's why kids use them.


    Funny thing is these weapons are outclassed by other weapons easily. Striker will lose to a pump or AA12 in very close quarters if used correctly, MP7 has a slower time to kill than all other SMG's except for maybe the MP5, and the ACR is inferior in CQC to the M4 and G36 at least, inferior at mid range to the AK at least, and inferior at long range to probably the MK and M16.


    So the weapons are well-balanced. But kids who have easy weapons on every class are terrible at the game. You're right- if the easy wepaons were removed or nerfed, these kid's K/D's would probably plummet. They don't know how to adapt to using weapons otherwise they'd be using them to begin.

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    The only weapon that this "skill" agrument applies to is the mp7, in which you would be better off with a P90 if you can deal with the the recoil better. However, this is not the case with the ACR and striker. The ACR, while having more recoil then people assume, still strictly outclasses the ak47 and cm901 by having better recoil, faster reloads, OHK in all ranges in HC, and higher RoF. Those two guns are only better then ACR in a very small pocket of range. As for the striker, it gets around 5 times the RoF and high capacity and only does around 1/3 less damage then the pumps. Skill also effects ALL guns. You could say you could do with the PM9 if you have skill, but apply that same skill to the PP90 and the pp90 is still just as better to use over the pm9. Skill applies to ALL guns and does not change whether one gun is better then another except in special cases.


    Also, I forgot to compare the striker to the AA12. The aa12 gets around 13-20% more RoF then the striker, but the striker gets around 33% more damage and range over the aa12 along with higher capacity, more reserve ammo, and tighter spread. Again, skill applies to BOTH of these guns and does not change the facts.

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