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Clan Emblems still locked



Today i saw a lot of people with the new clan emblems on ps3. Im the leader of a lvl 27 clan and no1 in my clan has unlocked a clan emblem. Doesnt every clan get them at the same time or what?

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    today i have watched a leader of a clan level 27 with elite emblems unlock, we have level 33, and we havent any of us emblem any title unloked en the game.


    Can anybody esplain it to me????.

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    talked to the Activision support yesterday it seems that they `ll fix this for all PS3 Clans retroactive with the next patch but they havent been able to tell me when this will actually happen.


    Strange that some low ranked Clans already got some of those. (not higher then level 10)


    we are Level 30 and still havent got a single one,...