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Starting a sniper clan (PS3)

Since no sniper clans on PS3 seem to be recruiting. I'll start one. It's gonna be called The sirs. Your PSN will look like this Sir______  <---- whatever you want there. This clan we mainly be a kill feed sniping clan. And some trickshotting here and there. We will play mainly Mw3/Mw2. and some black ops. Maybe some cod4 aswell.





Real life name:


Can you record:

With what:

Think you could make us a clan channel on YT and maintain it?:

Trickshotting skill (1-10):

Kill feed skill (1-10):

What will your PSN be if you make it in: Sir_____?


After you apply, I'll get a hold of you on PSN and you can tryout. Or just message me on PSN: Whiiskerz