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Mw3 Xbox Clan Restart. L00King for Skilled Players




The Fallen Angels Clan - Mw3 - Xbox 360


Litte bit of a background story:


My Clan The Fallen Angels has been running since Mw2. But its peak was in Black ops. After Black ops we lost most members due to the clan being inactive While I waited to For CoD ELiTE to start working as advertised. So I could more easily run the clan. Due to that we lost our members but also because alot of people were not into Mw3 but remained playing Black Ops. After trying to get a clan running on Mw3 that would be heavily relient on Elite when Elite was not working properly we took a break and after a time we cleared all members for the clan because the were inactive members and not very good. So that ELiTE is 0orking as it should its time to have another go.




K/D Ratio: 1.10+


Premium CoD ELITE with 0.75+ K/D (Must be and Objective player)






Leader: Firefox365


Co-Leader: xThe AlchemysT


Our Play styles:


Run n' Gun












Those our our main but we play others also.


Our Plan:


We are already doing clan ops ATM we only have me and the co-leader and between use we can achieve Silver rank Almost gold. Even one of use can get silver as long as we try. But we get bronze if we cant really play that day. So if you a premium ELiTE member you can join in on the Ops.


My plan for the clan is to 1st get enough members then organize them into squads. Selecting squad leaders for each one. Each squad will act almost as its own clan with a max player count of 6.

In additions to playing against other clans we can also compete against each other for best Squad.


Also if we get enough player that are good and want to do gamebattles we can also do that.


If you our interested in joining then here is our CoD ELiTE clan page you can make an application or send me Firefox365 a msg on Xbox.

Click Here for page: The Fallen Angels Clan ELiTE Page




Also this clan WILL carry over to Black Ops II upon release.


Total Members:7 as of June 25, 2012