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DLC 2 not able to play after  purchase

I can't play the new DLC after purchasing. It keeps asking me to buy the maps again, but I've already purchased them. Any ideas on how to get the app. to see that I have bought the expansion pack.Thanks!

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    First thing you need to do is exit steam... Then you need to make sure that Steam isn't running at all in your processes.


    Then go to C/Program Files/ (x86)/ Steam and delete the AppCache (or drag the folder to the desktop.. That's what I did) x outta that then open steam. Go to library-Right Click Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3- Multiplayer and click on properties- then click on the Local Files Tab and Verify Integrity of Game Cache after it's done verifying then open the game and search DLC 2 games.


    This is all my husband and I had to do and we were able to get into the new DLC maps without getting any errors.


    Best of wishes && good luck