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custom classes disappeared.

I started off going to COD elite and changed one of my custom classes, i then went onto MW3 2 minutes later, after everything was saved and everything done properly. I went on, it said intergrate COD elite changes, of course i pressed YES. I then went into a game, NONE of my classes were there. DISAPPEREADED. I went onto the menu and onto the CREATE A CLASS and the names of my classes were all gone, although the classes were still there BUT were all reset( like when you prestige or unlock an extra custom class and there are sample ones already there). I tried going on to COD elite and changing the custom classes again and going back onto COD, but didnt work. I dont know if its my account, or PS3 or even Infinity Ward/Treyark.


PS. i went onto my second account and my custom classes were all still there.